Rosa Cantalapiedra

Rosa Cantalapiedra

Madrid, Spanien

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ANERPA Asociación Nacional Española de Protección y Rehabilitación Animal) is a national, independent and apolitical non-profit association. ANERPA works to make society aware of the need to respect and safeguard animal rights. It carries out all kinds of social awareness activities, rehabilitation of abandoned or wild animals, adoption management, and any other activity that coincides with the aims of the Association.

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Colonia La Banda Felina

Gestión ética mediante el método CER de la población felina de nuestra colonia, en Jerez de la Frontera. Todo lo recaudado irá íntegro para deudas veterinarias y futuras castraciones.

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Animal Rescue España

We rescue abandoned and mistreated animals all around Spain. With your support, all of us together can make this possible! Just 1 euro a month can help us a lot to make these animals' dreams come true!