Rosa M González Carrión

Rosa M González Carrión

Alicante, Espanya

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Muévete por los que no pueden

Asociación sin ánimo de lucro que impulsa el conocimiento y la creación de becas de investigación de Enfermedades Raras e integra a personas con disCapacidad mediante la superación deportiva.

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Duchenne Parent Project España

Fathers and mothers from all over Spain, aware of the seriousness of our children, we decided to fight to give them a better and hopeful future. That is why we have joined together in order to raise funds through the Duchenne Parent Project for research. Currently we have launched 22 research projects in our country aimed at finding a cure or improvement for this disease. Help us to follow, JOIN OUR CHALLENGE!

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Since December we have launched a campaign to donate 1kg of clothing for every 5 euros of purchase in our store and now we want to extend to this platform the same project. For every 5 euros donated we will deliver 1kg of clothing to the Butterfly Skin Solidarity Stores.

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Collaborate with Go2 and with only 1€ that you contribute, we can help the research of this very serious disease. For us the importance of continuing to cooperate with the research of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is more than just a necessity, it is an urgency since it was discovered, more than 150 years ago, there is currently no effective treatment that can paralyze degeneration or cure it. We need your help. Thank you for your support