Rosa María Soler Senabre

Rosa María Soler Senabre

Alicante, Spain

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Felinos Lo Morant y AGA Alicante

Páginas encargadas de ayudar a los gatitos callejeros de Alicante, a esterilizar, curar y a difundir acogidas y adopciones para poder salvar sus vidas. Toda persona interesada puede unirse o colaborar con nosotros con donaciones de pienso, mantas, comida húmeda, arena, cosas que ya no use de sus mascotas, etc. Todo lo que pueda ser de ayuda para los peques¡¡ :D

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Teamer since:  28/06/2020

Crédito y Caución

This group was brought about to help the food banks. The idea is simple: if you join us, for each euro donated each month, the Jesús Serra Foundation will donate another to buy food, up to a maximum of 100.000 euros, while the unemployment rate remains higher than 15%.

3,404€ Raised

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Teamer since:  19/09/2020

CES Cabo Huertas - street cats Alicante

CES Cabo Huertas we are a group of individuals who fight for the welfare of street cats in the area that we live in Alicante. We take care of feeding them, take care of them, take them to the veterinarian when it is needed and sterilize them to give them a better quality of life, within the dangers that run on the street. For this reason we also try to get them out of there and get them good homes, both for adoption and welcome. Most of us finance it from our pockets.