Helping animals in need in Romania and Ukraine

Helping animals in need in Romania and Ukraine

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ROLDA is a small charity supported internationally that helps abused, neglected, abandoned dogs in one of the poorest regions in Romania. ROLDA built and runs two private shelters which are a home for approx 700 dogs and a donkey. We are in process to finish a sanctuary for disabled and senior cats. ROLDA also runs social programs for underprivileged dog owners. Since the war started in Ukraine, we are active supporting a dozen of local rescuers busy to save animals from battle zones.

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Meals for Starving Animals in Romania and Ukraine

Homeless animals in Galati and Ukraine

Galati, Romania is home to thousands of stray dogs suffering from starvation, disease, and abuse. We need your help to give nutrient meals to these hungry dogs throughout the region. Our sanctuary only has a capacity for 700 dogs, but our work goes beyond this. We share funds and supplies with 5 other Romanian organizations and a dozen of Ukrainians rescuers who, regardless of bullets and bombs, promise to fight as hard for the animals as the entire nation is fighting for their homeland! ROLDA cannot standby while dogs suffer and perish from a lack of food. With your help, thousands of dogs can live better. Please, act now.

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ROLDA Romania
ROLDA Romania
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09/06/2023 10:01 h

Animal rescue continues. Floods caused a nightmare in Kherson and organizations like Happy Paw and others are busy saving all animals trapped in growing waters.

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