Raquel Sanz Heras

Barcelona, Spanien

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We are an association formed by volunteers who love these little beings that one day sneaked into our lives. We help to feed and control colonies of cats in Barcelona, rescuing and giving up abandoned puppies and adult cats. We want to raise awareness about respect and responsible ownership as the only way to solve the dramatic situation of homeless cats. You can be part of this, cheer up.

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SOS Urgencias DeGats

We want to be able to help the SOS that come to us every day. Cases of sick, injured cats, or rescues in areas that are not close to us. With your help we can give support to the emergencies that are coming to us, giving information, support and economic help both to our rescues and to a particular or other association. That's why we need you, that's why you're very important!

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Con sólo 1€/mes colaboras a que podamos ayudar económicamente a protectoras de toda España. Esterilizaciones de gatos de colonias, aportaciones para afrontar costosas cirugías y tratamientos veterinarios, pienso y material necesario para protectoras con refugio... ¡Anímate! Es rápido, sencillo y sin comisiones. Podéis ver lo que hacemos y a qué casos destinamos el dinero en http://forolocasfelinas.creatuforo.com y en nuestro Facebook.