Randagi della Ferrovia - Taurianova (south of Italy)

Randagi della Ferrovia - Taurianova (south of Italy)

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We are a small charity association in Taurianova (RC) - south of Italy. We currently host around 80 homeless dogs to whom we provide care, food and lots of love, hoping to find them a family forever! We also take care of those that we can't accomodate in our shelter due to lack of space, monitoring them and guaranteeing them veterinary care if necessary, with the aim of finding them a temporary home until we can welcome them.

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Associazione I Randagi della Ferrovia

Shelter, medical care, vaccinations, microchipping, sterilization and adoption: this is the mission we have set ourselves to give a chance for a new life to the strays recovered in our territory.

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paola bergami

16/05/2024 13:56 h

vi seguo da tanto su fb, siete in un territorio difficile,con teaming mi è sembrato facile e utile aiutarvi

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