Rafael Martínez del Valle

Rafael Martínez del Valle

Asturias, Spagna

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Ratas en Adopcion

Ratas en Adopción begins due to solve pet rats issues . Our mission is to rescue pet rats which are mistreated, abandoned or mainteined unsafely for their physical or psycological health. This rehabilitation is never cheap, as it takes lots of time and vet care, basic before they are ready to find a new home. Every case is different and special, so costs can vary a lot. With 1€ per month, you are making their new life possible.

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Teamer da:  06/12/2020

Mis Amigas Las Palomas (MALP)_Palomar

We are always in need of building new quiality facilities for pigeons, quail, partige, songbirds, turtles, chicken, seagulls...al animal in distress that we can help