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Becas Universitarias en Tanzania

PublicitariosPor supports NGO Tierra de Amani to raise funds to grant university scolarships to young people that can't afford it. They're all excellent students coming from rural areas, who often say to be the first member of their family to go to college. To be able to study a university career means a huge change of life for them and their families. We help them pay tuition, materials and their lives in a new city during their college years.

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Ayuda para emergencias hospitalarias en Tanzania

NGO Tierra de Amani works intensely in Tanzania with HIV kids and their families. There are so many times of emergency as well as non foreseen medical expenses that are impossible to be afforded by such a small NGO. PublicitariosPor helps them covering all these unexpected expenses, which are not funded by the usual sponsors.

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Ayudas para educación infantil en Uganda