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Project4All is a growing group of volunteers who collectively give their time every day to the homeless and to the people who are less fortunate due to whatever circumstances. Project 4 All goes out every day to give our friends on the streets a hot meal, but we also distribute clean underwear, socks, warm clothing, sleeping bags & tents. Our goal is to bring a little love and compassion in the dark world of the less unfortunate among us. We need your support, Project4All Be The Change

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Project 4 All

We from Project 4 All have set up this teaming site to create a steady income for our project. We are a group of volunteers who dedicate their time to help the less fortunate on the Costa Blanca north of Spain. A non-profit is often not considered as full and that makes it difficult to arrange things such as leases and/or banking. This makes the good work we do not easy. The intention of this action is therefore to gather as many people as possible who grant us one euro per month so that we can grow and we can help even more people with food, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, paperwork, doctor visits, other sleeping accommodation. , hugs and affection and much more, do you want to know what we do: follow our daily updates on Facebook. and take a look at our website: thank you very much for your support, Arne Soeten founder, Project4All

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arne  soeten
arne soeten
Teaming Manager

22/01/2024 12:42 h

Dear team members,
How cool is it that we have saved an amount of 751 euros by each donating one euro per month to project 4 all. This means that we have jointly collected a month's rent for our half way home in Benissa.
And this is certainly a good time since January, February and March are the most difficult months.
We would like to thank you for your membership and your support and I hope you will continue to support us in 2024.
Big Hugs,
Arne & Project 4 All Team

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arne  soeten
arne soeten
Teaming Manager

20/04/2023 05:43 h

Dear team Teamers,

As we continue to work together to build our teaming site, we want to encourage everyone to help us grow our community. The more members we have, the more valuable our site will become To support
Project 4 All.

Here are some ways you can help us grow:

1. Invite your friends and colleagues to join our site.
2. Share our site on your social media accounts.
3. Provide feedback and suggestions to help us improve.

Remember, we're all in this together and every little bit helps. Let's work together to make our teaming site the best it can be!

Best regards,

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