Asociatia Pro Animals Romania

Asociatia Pro Animals Romania

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* MAINTAINING A SHELTER of over 1500 homeless dogs in Tg-Jiu without any help from the authorities. * SPAYING & NEUTERING of pets and stray dogs to control the dog and cat populations. * EDUCATING CHILDREN to understand the importance to treat animals well * HELPING ANIMALS IN NEED in the area e.g. feeding stray dogs, rescuing abandoned & abused animals, filing animal cruelty reports to the police and promoting awareness on animal rights.

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Pro Animals Romania

In addition to maintaining our own shelter of over 1500 rescued dogs, we also have a responsibility to feed and medicate hundred of street dogs in the area. Regular sterilization campaigns, mainly aimed at preventing the reproduction of dogs and cats from poor people, have been included in our work for over 13 years. The education of school children is also close to our hearts.

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