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Podencoworld is located in The Netherlands, it is a charity organisation to help, rescue and protect Podencos in Spain. Podencos are a Spanish dog breed, that are maltreated and abandoned by hunters in Spain. We support more than 25 shelters in Spain. We not only adopt Podencos to live with loving families in The Netherlands and Belgium, but we also support Spanish shelters by raising money for repairs, food, medication and operations. Every cent you donate will be used to help the Podencos!

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Every day there are injured, scared, broken and starved Podencos found by volunteers of the different shelters we work with in Spain. These kindly hearted creatures that spent their whole lives on a small chain tucked away in a dark cave or hunting shed, have seen the worst of men. Their broken bodies and spirits have to be mended, this cost not only a lot of time and patience but unfortunately also a lot of money. Money that the shelters in Spain don't have. Please support the Podencos.

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