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Promote access to quality education, improve the digital literacy of the most disadvantaged youth and to support the socio-economic growth of promising young entrepreneurs in developing countries. Although progress has been made in the last couple of decades, 57 million children remain out of school in developing countries. Meanwhile, unemployment rates are increasing: 75 million young men and women are unemployed globally today, while 2.2 live below the US$2 poverty line.

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Support saving poverty family organization and local community – Cambodia

Saving the poverty family and community organization – SPFCO

Chheng Bunhouen managed to raise enough money to build a school, and keeps up to date who donated using social media tools like Instagram and Facebook. The school is now the focal point of the village and where the children go to receive an education. Nearby villages are also sending their children to learn. It couldn’t pass unnoticed and we decided to help them! To learn and know more with photos and description:

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