Pfotenhilfe Naxos - help for the animals on Naxos

Pfotenhilfe Naxos - help for the animals on Naxos

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Our goal is to support the stray dogs and cats on the Greek island of Naxos. For this purpose, we work closely with the local animal welfare association “Naxos Animal Welfare Society”. We collect donations in kind and feed and regularly send pallets full of feed and relief supplies to Naxos. The expansion of the new shelter costs a vast deal of money, so we also support the NAWS financially. Further information can be found at

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Building a new shelter on Naxos

Pfotenhilfe Naxos e.V.

After two years of extensive searching, the local association „Naxos Animal Welfare Society“ found the perfect spot for the new shelter. The construction is in great progress and partly completed, almost all animals are already living in the new shelter. The field has an area of 7500m². There will be multiple living areas for adult dogs and puppies, large exercise and recreation areas. A cat house was built, with outdoor access and lots of space to play and relax for cats.

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Dodo Kolbeck
Dodo Kolbeck
Teaming Manager

29/08/2022 13:53 h

The Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS) is trying to unite the old and the new shelter. Some dogs need a “lobby” to their cage. This video shows the building a lobby, working in the heat under the sun with iron. The timelapse only shows the door, which is the last piece of work. Each lobby takes 2-3 hours to be completed.

Watch the video here:

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