Paws2Rescue neuter campaigns 2019

Paws2Rescue neuter campaigns 2019

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Paws2Rescue are a UK registered charity tackling the root of the stray dog population in Romania. Our neuter campaigns across the country cannot continue without your support. With hundreds of thousands of stray dogs, and a government policy of capture and kill, they only have us. With your help, we can make our next campaign. It costs EU25 per dog, a 150 dog campaign costs EU3,750. Please help us! the dogs need you.

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Paws2Rescue Neuter Campaign 2019

Stray dogs

Our vital work in Romania in tackling the stray and abandoned dogs across the country, is in our neuter campaigns, Not only are we neutering the animals, but we are reaching into the communities to help change attitudes towards neutering.Please be a part of our team and help support this work, so that we can reduce stray dog populations in Romania.

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