Paul Saez

Paul Saez

Madrid, Spanien

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Spanish not - for - profit charity: net coordinating groups and volunteers.Humanitarian aid to refugees coming from armed conflicts (Syria, Irak, Afganistan, Nigeria etc).We collect humanitarian aid and send it to Greece. We help refugees, living on the streets, camps and abandoned buildings. First urgent aid,,warehouse Athens, food for 3000 refugees , basic personal toiletries, legal advice, med,etc.). Awareness activities..We provide food for hot meals on the street

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No Name Kitchen

No Name Kitchen is a civil movement oriented to support human beings on their right to move seeking a better future. We work in border-crossing spots where People on the Move (PoM) face the difficulties of long journeys and violent push-backs, with the determination that all people have the right to seek a better future, that all people should have equal access to exercise their rights and that no injustice should be made invisible. Discover more in

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Taller Social Ciclista Guindalera

Decrecimiento, ecología y solidaridad. Somos un colectivo que se dedica a recuperar bicicletas reutilizando repuestos. Las bicicletas deben ser el principal medio de transporte, pero muchas bicicletas y componentes acaban en la basura o en los trasteros cogiendo óxido. Nos ocupamos de su recepción, recuperación y posterior entrega a personas sin recursos.