Paula Simón

Pontevedra, Spagna

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Protectora de Animales "Os Palleiros"

Somos una asociación sin ánimo de lucro, protectora de animales, que desempeñamos nuestra labor en Pontevedra desde hace más de 12 años. Cuidamos de perros abandonados en nuestro refugio y promovemos su adopción.

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Crédito y Caución

Questo gruppo è nato per dare una mano ai Banchi Alimentari. L'idea è semplice: se ti unisci, sosterrai il loro lavoro con € 1 al mese per comprare cibo e la Fondazione Jesús Serra raddoppierà gli importi, fino ad un massimo annuale di 100.000 euro. #alimentalacadena

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Cuqui’s shelter

The Cuqui Shelter. We rescue and help all kinds of animals and find them the best home. Our goal is to be able to help more. The money raised will go entirely to the food and care of the animals that are in the shelter.

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Sweet & Rescue

Awareness, dissemination, rescue and physical and mental rehabilitation of animals. We look for the home they need for their species, character and characteristics. In S&R we have our own rescues and we welcome animals from other associations. We want to grow and have our own facilities, that's why we need you. We have to be many with the same thought to spread this type of action and change our environment, so we will change the world. Get to know us better on instagram: @sweetandrescue