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Progat Cornellá Feline Sanctuary

We have about 600 Cats in controlled colonies. The oldest cat in the colony was KITTY with 25 years of age. We currently have many cats over the age of 17 in our colonies. Every week felines in very bad condition are RESCUED, they live in the HOGAR de los Gatos. The Sanctuary's job is to regain their physical and mental state to find a new family for them. About 700 Cats depend on us, all of them receive their veterinary assistance when they need it.

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Associació Amics dels Animals de Palafolls

L'associació Amics dels Animals de Palafolls és una entitat sense ànim de lucre constituida al 2007 amb el propòsit de donar atenció a aquells gossos i gats que han estat abandonats i proporcinar-los-hi una nova llar i siguin tractats de la manera que els corresponen: amb atenció i estima. Els nostres animals us necessiten, col·laboreu amb nosaltres si us plau!!

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Els 400 Gats.

Els 400 Gats is a non-profit association, formed by volunteers who manage the colonies of cats established on the street in Premià de Mar and Premià de Dalt. We apply the Ces method in the colonies of cats and are given veterinary assistance when they need.

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Wild animal Sanctuary "Reserva Wild Forest"

We are a wild animal Sanctuary and rescue center.

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Animals del Maresme

♥ Love and animal help. Association of volunteers who, since 2009, have promoted the adoption of abandoned animals, we support protectors and associations to meet their needs for food, veterinary expenses ... and raise awareness about animal welfare and defense ♥

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Fundación Santuario Gaia

Gaia Sanctuary Foundation is a vegan rescue and recovery center for animals considered as farm, where those who have been exploited, mistreated or abandoned, receive the necessary care to have a decent life for the rest of their lives.   Located in Camprodon (Girona) in the Pyrenees, surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains.   You could meet the inhabitants of the Sanctuary here:

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Finca Arkadia Santuario Animal

Arkadia es un hogar multiespecie cuyos habitantes han sido rescatados de la explotacion, abandono y maltrato. Nuestro objetivo es darles la mejor calidad de vida, en un entorno de igualdad y respeto, libre de especismo. Somos una organizacion sin subvenciones, cuyos ingresos provienen de personas que, como tú, quieren ayudarnos a darle la mejor calidad de vida, física y emocional, a los habitantes del santuario. ¿Te unes a nuestro grupo de teaming? ¡Juntos podemos seguir salvando vidas!