Olga Cornella Sala

Barcelona, Spanien

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Asociación Defensa Animal y de Ajuda a Protectoras. ADIAP nació para hechar una mano a protectoras y actualmente tambien ayudamos a particulares con problemas económicos que tienen mascotas en casa. Alimentamos gatos en Calella y somos casa de acojida cuando hay camadas de bebes y luego les buscamos adoptantes. Ayudanos con 1 euro al mes para comprar comida, medicamentos, visitas al veterinario. Gracias y puedes seguirnos en Facebook

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Asociación de defensa animal y ayuda a protectoras

We are a non-profit association focused on finding a home for street animals and providing financial assistance to small shelters for veterinary expenses and sterilizations; Our income is based on participation in fairs and markets and small donations

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I care for and feed stray cat colonies daily in Calella. I provide them with the care they need, deworming, veterinarian. I also rescue abandoned kittens and cats, I have them in foster care until I find them a responsible family. We need you to give us a little leg with € 1 to be able to buy food, medications ... and so the kittens have a better quality of life. Thanks for helping us and please share! follow us on Instagram and Facebook @SARTILU

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La Huella de Rosy

Queremos rescatar el mayor números de perritos posibles de todo el territorio y pero para ello necesitamos ayuda para veterinarios, viajes, vacunas y comida. Si quieres colaborar ,se puede hacer de muchas maneras, pero con solo 1€ al mes, 12€ anuales, estaras salvando vidas!! PORFABOR COLABORA, SALVA Y ADOPTA , tu ayuda es la mas importante !!

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Sakura paradise sanctuary

After more than 25 years helping animals in distress, I decided to create our sanctuary in order to help many more beings people in need. For us it has already made it a mission to save as many little angels as we can and give them the best life possible. We are a small sanctuary but with great desire and great goals to help animals, so your help would be very good for us. One euro a month for you may be nothing, but for us it means saving lives. Can you help us?