NSRS - New Start Rescue Spain

NSRS - New Start Rescue Spain

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NSRS - a non-profit organization based in La Zubia/Granada, Andalucia, Spain. Our goal is to end dogs suffering, spread awareness about animal welfare, run spay/neutering campaigns and re-home dogs to loving families. The organization runs without funds from the government. All operations are based in dedicated volunteer work and donations. The adoption fee covers all veterinary expenses, equipment, necessary documents and the trip itself. Other fundings is used for food and residency.

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NSRS - New Start Rescue Spain

Save, re-home and change lives of abandoned and abused animals

NSRS is a nonprofit charity organization. The vounteers is dedicated to helping animals and spread awareness. We help especially dogs in crisis, and care for them until they are adopted. The people involved pays for residency for the dogs or have the dogs in fosterhomes and save dogs at risk at the local perrera in Dudar. The rescue and org. of NSRS is approved and registered - and ALL the donations from this Teaming Group will go directly to help the animals in our care! Help us help them!

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Grace OM
Grace OM

21/12/2017 23:51 h

What a wonderful team we are! Yay! :-)

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