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NouSol NGO. FOOD for street children in Burkina Faso

With this group we intend to cover the 3 main meals of 25 to 30 children and young people daily in street situation in Bobo-dioulasso. The 3 meals per user cost € 1, with your contribution you can eat a day a child or young person who attends the Tié Day Center. It is estimated that there are 1000 children and or young people in street situation in Bobo-dioulasso and more than ten thousand in all of Burkina Faso. With the claim of food we can do a job of social reintegration and or family.

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Un pas per Senegal

Ayudamos a los niños y niñas de la zona rural de Sandiara a 10 Km de MBour ( Senegal) a formarse para tener un futuro mejor y salir de la precariedad en la que se encuentran. Aquí un euro es mucho !!! Gracias!!!!