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All Cats Madrid

This Teaming was created to share the work done by Alejandra Lorenzo (Todos Gatos Madrid). It started with her first rescue cat Issis in 2001. Like her, many cats are faced with abandonment, mistreatment, harassment and loneliness on the street every day. She works to foster cats, cure them (not only physically) and find them a home. She does all of this on her own, and so, she needs a lot of help. So many cats are still waiting. Can you help them?

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Asociación protectora de animales, dedicada al rescate, recuperación y rehabilitación de animales abandonados y maltratados, independientemente de su especie. Buscamos hogar a los peques rescatados que lo necesitan y liberamos a los que forman parte de la fauna autóctona o los remitimos a centros especializados de recuperación o Santuarios, donde serán atendidos y tendrán una vida plena y digna.