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Help abandoned cats and dogs

We is a small group of private volunteers who help abandoned cats and dogs in Bosnia. The life of animals in need in Bosnia is dangerous, cruel and miserable. To keep more dog and cat from being born on the harsh streets of Bosnia, we need help for raising funds for spay and neuter program. "The funds will be transferred to a 3-rd party pers.account as Bosnia is not in the SEPA zone, and then the final transfer will be made from my pers.account to the cause"

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MEFIGA-Help cats and dogs in Bosnia

MEFIGA-Help cats and dogs in Bosnia is a small group volunteers who save,take care and help the abandoned animals in Bosnia. We cares for 20+ dogs and 10+ cats,all rescued from street or public shelter. We feed them,give veterinary assistance,neuter project, build shelters and try give them better life on street or be prepared to forever home. Our resources are very limited but with contributions from you we can give them a chance for care and treatment.