MoonAcre Horse Rescue and Sanctuary - Rescue, Rehabilitate, Ride

MoonAcre Horse Rescue and Sanctuary - Rescue, Rehabilitate, Ride

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Moonacre need to become financially independant to survive so please support, but also help share to spread awareness that the sanctuary is now open for riding lessons, trekking & horse livery in their paddock! The sanctuary does tours, offers international volunteer opportunities and also run a B&B to raise funds! Please help share the fundraiser but also awareness of the sanctuary activities too, so more can be generated to help them self fund!

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Help Moonacre herd become self-funding

MoonAcre Herd

This family run animal sanctuary in Cyprus rescue and rehabilitate neglected and abused horses, everything ranging from gun shot wounds through to acid burns and every size from the tiny Merrylegs at 3'6 up to 6'6, all living as a free ranging herd in Cyprus. They are encouraged to do jumping, dressage, cross country whatever they show delight in is encourage with no bits, shoes or whips and often no saddles either. A truly unique sanctuary you can visit to help support as well as donate!

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