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AnimaNaturalis:Por la Defensa de los Animales

Ayúdanos a conseguir un mundo libre de crueldad, los animales te necesitan. Tu donación servirá para ayudar a AnimaNaturalis en su constante trabajo de informar a millones personas de que los animales no deben ser usados como comida, vestimenta, entretenimiento ni para realizar experimentos. AnimaNaturalis. Fundada en marzo de 2003, es una organización dedicada a establecer, difundir y proteger los derechos de todos los animales.

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Open Arms

We are Open Arms, lifeguards who, in the absence of action by the governments, decided to act in Lesbos, using our personal funds, with no other means than our arms and fins. With no fear other than that more people would die at sea. Now we want to go further. They needed us in Lesbos and so we went, with the help of many people like you. Now they also need us in the Mediterranean Sea. Can you help us?

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Animals del Maresme

♥ Love and animal help. Association of volunteers who, since 2009, have promoted the adoption of abandoned animals, we support protectors and associations to meet their needs for food, veterinary expenses ... and raise awareness about animal welfare and defense ♥