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Our association, located in Rocca de Giorgi, Northen Italy, has been fighting against all types of animal abuse since 2012 and its volunteers have always been at the forefront in fighting against straying. The refuge was opened by our President Mrs. Antonella to welcome all "the last", those dogs that noone wants, sick in body and soul; with the aim of giving back these angels that dignity that rightfully belongs to every living being.

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Santuario Capra Libera Tutti

The Animal Sanctuary Capra Libera Tutti is a place where animals which are usually considered as products are saved from exploitation and slaughter and find refuge. About 400 animals live in complete freedom, here they are not considered neither ingredients nor products. For their maintenance, for medical care and for the preservation of the facilities, constant help is needed to ensure that this place can continue to exist and resist. The total costs exceed 250 euros per day.

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Nonnini alla riscossa di Caterina

Raccolta fondi per Bau e Miao anziani adottati dai canili lager o da situazioni disastrose. Gli invisibili ...quelli/e che nessuno vorrebbe malati...fobici ...mordaci Autofinanziamento per le cure e il recupero fisico e psicologico. All'arrivo nella casa dei Nonnini alla riscossa vivono accutiti e amati per sempre! da Mamma Caterina Uniti dalla Terra al Cielo ...per l'eternità