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Hondenspeeltuin Breda eo

Greyhoundfriends NL is an Dutch organization with years of experience with greyhounds and galgos. Our organization stands up for these beautiful dogs who have lived under miserable conditions and now stay in Spanish shelters from Scooby, PAWS & Baasgalgo. GreyhoundFriends fosters and arrange adoptions. Our special attention goes to the greyhounds, galgo's and podenco's who have been waiting a long time in shelters. We also offer help to the Dutch greyhounds in need. www.greyhoundfriends.nl

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Stichting Dogs from Spain

Stichting Dogs from Spain provides home and care for various dogs (from Spain, but also from other countries) with physical or mental issues: dogs who are afraid of humans, can't adjust to living in a " normal" household, handicapped dogs (blind, lame) and for " just" old dogs saved from horrible lives. All dogs can live inside, we do not use kennels!! Please follow us also on FB: Stichting Dogs from Spain.

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Stichting Hobodogs

Stichting Hobodogs is helping several shelters (protectoras) in the south of Spain by trying to find a good home for their dogs, in the Netherlands and Belgium. Stichting Hobodogs is also offering financial support to these shelters. Follow us on Facbook and our website: www.hobodogs.com

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Pat's Rescue Retreat

Please meet Blue Blue was rescued from an empty property . He was anxious, had liver problems contracted distemper and was very ill for a while . This is him fully recovered and happy This is what the retreat was established for - to rescue abandoned ,abused dogs and to find them new loving homes where possible . If the dog for whatever reason cant be re homed then their home is with us for the rest of their lives.