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Elephant Haven European Elephant Sanctuary

*Elephant Haven is a sanctuary for zoo and circus elephants. *More and more countries in Europe are banning wild animals in circuses. *Where to place them? We want to help and create a safe ' Haven', because relocating them back to their country of origin is not always possible. *There is a need for elephant sanctuaries in Europe.

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Les Animaux Dans La Ville De Vichy

Gestion et stérilisation des chats errants

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Lapalomatriste Sanctuary

Lapalomatriste is a Sanctuary that is especially dedicated to pigeons. It is the home of hundreds of rescued feral pigeons. Many of them are brought to us wounded or are disabled for life. We also take in and handrear squabs and youngsters who fell out of the nest. Join our group and help us to sustain the Sanctuary and continue to give a forever home to more birds in distress. Pigeons are the parias of animal protection, they can only count on your compassion!

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Solidarity for the sanctuary of the collective 269 Liberation Animale

This group was created to help with the management costs (veterinary costs, purchase of hay / straw, acquisition of the necessary materials for the infrastructures ...) of the antispeciesist sanctuary created by the collective 269 Liberation Animale.