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Cuigat Santpedor

Cuigat Santpedor, is a non-profit association formed in 2018.⁣⁣ We are dedicated to feeding and spaying by the C.E.R method the feral cats that live badly in the streets of the village. We spend 100 kg of feed monthly and this, without the help of people, would not be possible. Your help is very important to be able to continue doing our job. Join us and help us take care of the feral cats!

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SEPROAN Protectora d'Animals de Sallent- BCN

Som una associació sense ànim de lucre, formada per voluntaris, per ajudar els animals (gossos i gats) perduts, abandonats i maltractats. Vetllem per la seva recuperació i posterior adopció amb families responsables. També tenim cura de les colònies de gats del carrer. De capturar-los, castrar-los i tornar-los a deixar si són salvatges i intentem donar en adopció els petits i els adults més mansos.

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Aixopluc Animal Shelter

Aixopluc Animal Shelter is an association that serves a hundred dogs and more than three hundred cats. Many arrive at the center in a precarious state and their recovery is vital to give them a good quality of life and to promote a future adoption. To meet all these health and food costs we join this initiative. We know that with a little will, we will get great help for all the little furry ones. You can get to know us more here: