Maurice helps dogs

Maurice helps dogs

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In the spirit of our beloved dog Maurice, who came our way like a miracle, we spread loving ripples to people who help dogs. By contributing small stones together, big things can happen. We would like to invite you to contribute as well (only 1€ a month). For 2020 our goal is to help the small-scale shelter Camino a Casa, Seville - Spain, where our last adopted dog Jazz comes from. What goes around comes around. So if you help us to spread the loving ripples, they will come back to you :-)

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Maurice helps dogshelter Camino a Casa

Small-scale dog shelter Camino a Casa

Camino a Casa is a small-scale dogshelter in Seville, Spain. The lady who rescues and takes care of the dogs pays all expenses of her own salary, these costs amount to at least 500 euros per month. The dogs are well cared for, have the freedom and get a lot of love. In the spirit of Maurice, we want to support this lady in 2020 and ensure that she can help another 10 dogs to a forever home through a donation. Please help us to spread the loving ripples!

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