Marta Ibáñez Fontanil

Marta Ibáñez Fontanil

León, Spanien

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TeLuMa's Dream & AxudaProAnimales

WE HAVE NOW A TEAMNING GROUP The dogs of the pounds of Ourense don't get more help than the help of the volunteers who visit the pound and makes them visible. We created this teaming group to be able to pay the release fee, vet treatments, gasoline for transports or to buy collars and leashes for when they leave the pound. For a lot of people 1 € isn't much, for others a big effort, but for the dogs of the pound it's a HUGE help, because the expenses are very high.

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Albergue Sahagún

Somos una pequeña protectora de animales. Con este grupo queremos poder seguir financiando los gastos que nos generan los animales que tenemos albergados.