Marina Martin García

Marina Martin García

Valencia, Spain

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ALUDME, fight against Myoclonus dystonia (M-D)

Jesus is almost 5 years and is diagnosed with Myoclonus dystonia, a rare disease that prevents you from running, jumping, eating alone, making precise movements... Doctors can't say what the future of the children like Jesus will be. Some patients end up undergoing a dangerous operation that also doesn't guarantee that it will be effective in this disease. We don't want to see our child in a wheelchair and to think we could avoid it. Would you join us?

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ACE Asociación Conquistando Escalones

La Asociación Conquistando Escalones la forman afectados de la Distrofia Muscular LGMD1F. La mutación genética que la causa, hace inmune al SIDA. Una alianza médica internacional busca la cura para millones tras un descubrimiento sin precedentes.