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ABAMA is a non-profit association created in order to promote animal protection and welfare, and respect for the environment. To achieve this, we carry out various activities that range from food collection, installation of shelters, colony management through the TNR method and legal defense in case of abuse, among others.

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Corazón Turco Andaluz

Somos un grupo de chicas que formaron una asociacion " CORAZON TURCO ANDALUZ" y necesitamos vuestra ayuda. Cada día que nos levantamos nos enfrentamos al mundo del abandono y de la desidia humana hacia los animales. Trabajamos muy duro para sacarlos adelante, muchos los acojemos en nuestro hogar hasta que encuentran una casa y familia definitiva, otros los metemos en residencia hasta que encontramos una casita para el .Los rescatamos de perreras, etc..Pero solas no podemos, ¿NOS AYUDAIS??

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APAGUAS. Adopt an Spanish Water Dog.

Hello, I am LEMON. Time ago I meet this team of crazy women. They have been rescuing Spanish Water Dogs and mixes for nearly a decade and we want to continue with this work from APAGUAS. If you want to help other curly friends like myself who haven't been so lucky yet, please, help us help them. You can find us on Facebook Instagram I am waiting for you! Super Lemon