Mari Angeles Alcaraz Rodrigo

Mari Angeles Alcaraz Rodrigo

Valencia, Espanya

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Fundacion Jadoul Mes Que Gossos rescue shelter

Animal rescue shelter located in Cheste (Valencia). Our main purpose is to help dogs and cats that are in a situation of helplessness, abuse and / or abandonment. We currently host about 170 dogs and 50 cats in our shelter. We are a private entity, and therefore collaborations such as your monthly euro are essential to continue our work. We invite you to meet us and to be part of this beautiful and necessary project. For more info you can write us to

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Gatos de la Fundación Jadoul Mes que Gossos

Con vuestra ayuda podremos mejorar la calidad de vida de los felinos de la Fundación y de las colonias que mantiene. Pienso, latitas, esterilizaciones, visitas al veterinario... todo esto supone un coste que con tu euro al mes podemos suplir. ¡Ayúdanos! ¡Ayúdales! ♥