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SOS Primates

SOS Primates is a non-profit organization that supports the work of the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center (CRPL). Located in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the center is home to more than 90 chimpanzees and 100 monkeys rescued from poaching and illegal trafficking. In this war-stricken area, the CRPL employs more than 50 local workers and represents the only hope for the protection and survival of these fascinating animals.

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Tu euro salva chimpancés en África con el IJG

Founded by famous Dr. Jane Goodall (Messenger of Peace of the UN and Prince of Asturias Award), the IJG is a non-profit organization in the conservation, rescue and rehabilitation of orphan chimpanzees in Africa (visit Your euro will be transformed into needed food and medicine, and also into local employment and educational activities with the communities of Congo and Senegal. Each month, for the equivalent of a coffee, YOU can make a difference for many living beings...

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MONA: Aidez moi à me nourrir

La Fondation MONA récupère des primates maltraités qui ont été des artistes de cirque,de la télévision ou même des animaux de compagnie. Notre centre de réhabilitation leur offre une excellente maison, où ils retrouvent un environnement naturel en vivant avec leurs congénères. Aimeriez-vous contribuer à leur bien-être? Avec seulement 1 euro par mois, vous pouvez collaborer pour qu´ils aient une alimentation saine et équilibrée!

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Gombe, a young and very sensitive chimpanzee, found in a garbage can when he was a baby, has always suffered adaptation problems with those of his own specie due to suffering from a rare neurological disease: Foreign Hand Syndrome. During her crises he cries and self-injures causing serious hand injuries. Gombe needs daily medication to control his seizures and improve his quality of life. The cost of the complete medication pack is € 185 / month. Can you help us to prevent Gombe from suffering?