Manuela Meseguer Bielsa

Manuela Meseguer Bielsa

Barcelona, Spanien

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AGRUPem Associació Esclerosi Múltiple del Bages

We are an association formed by those affected by multiple sclerosis and theirs relatives. Our goal is to accompany, help and support to the suffering from the disease. The money is spent on sessions of rehabilitation, swimming pool, yoga, leisure outings, campaigns awareness and sensitization, ... For more information

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Teamer seit:  27/11/2020

Open Arms

The emergency continues and the Mediterranean does not stop. Open Arms sails again to continue protecting the lives of the most vulnerable; reaffirming our commitment after one of the most complex and painful missions so far. we can we save them by your side. Help us to continue.

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FAADA Acción por los Animales

¿Sabes que cada día se abandonan 800 animales en España? El abandono es una de las causas que trabajamos desde 2004. Además informamos a personas, administraciones públicas y empresas privadas sobre como convivir respetuosamente con los animales. ¡Necesitamos que colabores con nosotros!

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Teamer seit:  23/04/2021

Fundación Santuario Gaia

Gaia Sanctuary Foundation is a vegan rescue and recovery center for animals considered as farm, where those who have been exploited, mistreated or abandoned, receive the necessary care to have a decent life for the rest of their lives.   Located in Camprodon (Girona) in the Pyrenees, surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains.   You could meet the inhabitants of the Sanctuary here: