M Dolores Soldevila

M Dolores Soldevila

Valencia, Espagne

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Asociación Protectora Galgos del Sur

The Galgos del Sur Association is a non-profit organization located in Córdoba. We fight against the abandonment and massive sacrifice of greyhounds and hunting dogs, to raise awareness and awareness in society about this problem and give a new life looking for good families. In this group you collaborate with the expenses we have every day: veterinarians, rent, cleaning, food, etc. Keep in mind that Galgos del Sur does not receive aid or subsidies, we only have you to go on.

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Michel Rescue Dogs

Michel Rescue Dogs es una asociación dedicada, como su nombre indica, a rescatar perros de la calle. Todo empezó cuando Michel decidió ir de voluntariado a una protectora, allí vivió sus primeros años ayudando a los animales abandonados y, aunque en una protectora siempre hacen falta manos para colaborar, se dió cuenta que había un gran vacío en Valencia sobre gente que se dedicase a rescatar a esos perros que acaban en las protectoras.

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Asociación GatoPerro

We are rescued from stray animals and taken out of Chiclana's kennel. We keep 25/30 animals continuously in shelters that we cover their nutrition, and some medications are in residence, (€ 100 / month) As soon as they are rescued, WE BID FOR THE IMMEDIATE VETERINARY ATTENTION, without limits, We are endorsed by more than 100 animals ADOPTED annually and many years of experience. But for all this we need the help of all of you. COLABORA UNETE DONA ..

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Galgos Salvados Valencia

Un grupo de particulares formamos Galgos Salvados Valencia, que nace para ayudar a encontrar un hogar a galgos abandonados, en perreras o en la calle. Para su nueva vida hay que cubrir sus necesidades iniciales y gestionar su adopción con el protocolo veterinario adecuado. Necesitamos ayuda para afrontar gastos extra como el transporte, algún tratamiento, alguna operación o prueba médica inesperada. Nuestro objetivo es sacar adelante el máximo posible, con la colaboración de casas de acogida.

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P.E.P.A. Asociación Protección y Educación para los Animales

Registered non profit charity helping to rescue and rehabilitate dogs. Under our care to neuter, blood test vaccinate etc, provide veterinary care and a safe place for these dogs until they are able to be re-homed. Help combat the problem of feral cats by carrying out sterilisation programmes. To rescue as many animals as we can space and funds permitting. There is no funding from the Spanish government all monies have to be raised by us to allow us to help them. Please help us to help them.

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La Guarida.

Asociacion Protectora de animales y plantas.