Lupe Catalá

Valencia, Espanya

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Poetic Justice

The Association “Poetic Justice” is a nonprofit organization whose main objective is the judicial an extrajudicial defense of sexual abuse victims. We fight against the corruption that is beneath the system and against all injustices that we can deal with. We dream of changing the world by doing our bit. And we´ll change it! Help us, and we´ll change it!

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Justicia Poética - Infancia

División de Justicia Poética dedicada a la defensa de los menores en procesos de desamparo y tutela por parte del Estado.

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Revista It-Magazine

Medio de comunicación para despertar a la gente de su letargo, implicar a la ciudadanía en el cambio y promover la transformación que propone el Manifiesto del Juicio Final de la Asociación Justicia Poética.

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Alba is an inteligent funny and amusing girl. Although we well could say “was”, as a terrible tragic accident happened on fateful march 21st 2016. A relative, who was in a shock due to an epileptic attack, let Alba fall from a third floor. Alba saved her life, but a strong brain damage remains on her. Now, we have a long neurorehabilitation process left ahead to see how much she can recover and become herself again a bit. Help us!