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1+1=11 Bodhitree school

This group has been established by Monika to support the school with currently 700 children and to ensure their education. It is our dream goal to get at least 3000 teamers, who would create a monthly financial base. As teamer you can contribute with the value of only one coffee less a month to help the children coming from one of the lowest social classes in India and create a brighter future for them.

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Proyecto CES Torrevieja

Somos una asociación sin animo de lucro, que se ocupa de las colonias de gatos de Torrevieja. Se las provee de alimento, agua y refugio. Necesitamos donaciones para proporcionarles atención veterinaria, medicación y buscarles un hogar. Nos ayudas a ayudarlos? We are non-profit association, which deals with cat colonies in Torrevieja. We provide them with food, water and shelter. We need donations to cover veterinary costs, medication and foster homes. Would you like to help us?