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MONA: Help MONA feeding me

In MONA Foundation, abused chimpanzees and macaques are recovering from their previous lives as circus artists, television actors, and even pets.MONA gives them a second chance at a life free of pain and abuse. We strive to give them the type of life they should have had in the wild, giving them back their dignity they so much deserve. Would you like to contribute to their welfare? With just 1 euro a month you can give them a healthy and balanced diet! /

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Amics dels Gats de Carrer de Mataró

Els gats que malviuen als carrers es veuen sotmesos diàriament a molts perills com ara morir atropellats o veure’s afectats per malalties que redueixen dràsticament la seva esperança de vida. Aquests felins, a més, evolucionen sense contacte humà, fet que complica enormement la seva introducció a una llar o centre d’acollida. Davant d’aquesta situació, la nostra entitat alimenta diàriament més de 25 colònies de gats de Mataró, els esterilitza i ajuda quan la seva vida corre perill. Ajuda'ns!

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Societat Protectora Animals de Mataró

CAMPAIGN € 1 = 1 VETERINARY Our animal shelter has always watched over the animals that live in our shelters, and she fights day after day so that our animals do not see their attentions diminished in spite of the difficulties. That is why once again we ask for the help of the friends of the spAm. In this case making an appeal to the strength of the union: only 1 € of each of us means being able to hire a veterinarian to ensure the health of our animals. You add up?

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Fundación CRAM: ayuda a conservar las tortugas marinas

El CRAM es una entidad privada sin ánimo de lucro dedicada al rescate y la recuperación de especies marinas amenazadas que llegan a la costa catalana. En el centro tenemos varios ejemplares de tortugas marinas que se están recuperando de diferentes lesiones hasta que puedan volver a su casa, el mar. Con tu aportación, de tan sólo 1 euro al mes, contribuirás a su alimentación y tratamientos médicos necesarios durante toda su estancia ¿Nos ayudas? Más info en

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Tu euro salva chimpancés en África con el IJG

Founded by famous Dr. Jane Goodall (Messenger of Peace of the UN and Prince of Asturias Award), the IJG is a non-profit organization in the conservation, rescue and rehabilitation of orphan chimpanzees in Africa (visit Your euro will be transformed into needed food and medicine, and also into local employment and educational activities with the communities of Congo and Senegal. Each month, for the equivalent of a coffee, YOU can make a difference for many living beings...