Lucia Garcia Nicolas

Murcia, Espanha

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Salvando Vidas, Animal Rescue, MURCIA

We are a group of people united by the love of animals, dedicate our time and effort to provide a better life for those who have no voice and prevent them from falling into oblivion. Many animals are abandoned, abused and unprotected on our streets every day. Our goal is change that situation and we are figthing everyday for it ! Help us to help them joining our Teaming. Thank you so much!!!!

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'' Los ManuGarcias ''

Si sigo peleando día tras día, es en gran parte a quienes estáis aquí. En 2019 me dijeron “Manu si te haces un teaming la gente te ayudará.” Y en 2023 aquí estamos; más de 500 personas apoyándome en mi lucha diaria. Estoy en deuda eterna con tod@s y cada un@ de vosotr@s. ¡MILLONES DE GRACIAS!

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Las Reinas del Biberón: Rent and expenses of our headquarters.

We are a team of FOSTER MOTHERS for nursing puppies that need bottle feeding, and FOSTER HOMES for puppies that can eat on their own. We receive abandoned puppies from all over SPAIN, and we also take care of pregnant dogs until they give birth, and then we find them a family. we rescued and cared over 1,700 since our inception. OUR HEADQUARTERS ALREADY SAVES LIVES: HELP US PAY THE RENT FOR JUST 1€ PER MONTH.

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Bixarracos Callejeros

We are 2 girls from Murcia, who rescue cats and dogs in situations of abuse and abandonment. We do not have any type of financing. We would like to be able to take more animals off the street, but unfortunately money is needed for everything from cages, carriers and other means to catch them, to food, medicines, veterinarians and transportation. Can you help us?

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Al Dejar Huella

Hola somos un grupo muy pequeñito de personas que hemos creado una asociación. Actualmente tenemos una gatera con más de 30 gatitos que necesitan comida , arena y cuidados veterinarios . Os damos las gracias de antemano por ayudarnos. 1€ es un 1 kilo de pienso ! Cuenta Donaciones : ES52 0081 5338 3900 0114 8824