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Athens Stray Kittens

A voluntary initiative based in Athens, Greece, in order to limit the number of stray cats living in terrible circumstances in the streets of Athens. Our mission is to conduct TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)-programs and to find a loving home in Europe for the cats that won't survive outside, for example due to health issues, disabilities. www.askadopt.eu

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Villa Vacht

Villa Vacht is a lifetime sanctuary for paralyzed cats, located in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Our goal is to provide a paradise for special needs cats, to bring awareness about the risks of free roaming outdoor cats and to spread the word amongst owners & veterinarians that paralyzed cats can have a beautiful life if you are willing to make some efforts. They just need a chance! We also provide help to owners to take care of their paralyzed friends. Thank you Loode & Kim

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Irene op Kythira / Adopt a cat

my name is Irene and I live on the beautiful Greek island Kythira for 14 years now, here I take care of the stray cats of the island, I have developed a feeding station and placed 28 of them around the island, here I feed about 700 cats and at my home I have a shelter for cats with handicaps, at the moment 40 cats, that for there own safety cannot live in the "wild" because they are blind, deaf, paralyzed etc. for more information visit the website or follow me on FB .. THANKS

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The Souda Shelter Project

The Souda Shelter Project is a community whose goal is to maintain and rehome 250 plus dogs which have been abandoned. The shelter is in the Souda area of Chania, Crete. The SSP is a non profit organization. Join our group “ The Souda Shelter Project” on Facebook to follow our progress. https://www.soudashelter.org/ The money raised is going to be transferred to Tierfreunde Kreta e.V. This German association supports the Souda Shelter Project without exception from the very beginning.