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HELP of Marina Alta..Community caring TOGETHER

HELP is a charitable association helping people in the Marina Alta since 1984 and run entirely by volunteers. We offer assistance in the local hospitals and medical centres, with a HELP desk and interpreters in Denia Hospital, Lending medical equipment, hoists, beds, wheelchairs etc. We supply equipment to support the hospitals and medical centres. We try to provide short term support and assistance to ALL people in our area and especially during times of local or national crisis.

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Javea Connect Teamers

During the 2020/2021 State of Alarm, many charities and non-profit shelters have suffered in our local area. This teaming group has been set up by the admin team of Javea Connect to raise funds for various local charities and any money raised will be distributed among the following groups Accounts will be published regularly. APAC, APASA, APROP CANCER CARE JAVEA, FRANCISCAN MENS SHELTER GUARDIAN ANGELS HELP OF MARINA ALTA, JAVEA FERAL CAT ASSOC, MABS. MAKE A SMILE, TODOS JUNTAS.

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APAC - Rescue Horses

APAC Caballos is a Rescue Centre in La Xara, Denia, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption. We are a non-profit organisation and run by support of our Volunteers. Your Support enables us be able to re-home and care for all of our horses, the abused ones, the older ones, the damaged ones, all who have paid there dues and are looking for a quiet peaceful retirement. This Association is totally based on donations and all your help is essential to help the horses.

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P.E.P.A. Asociación Protección y Educación para los Animales

Registered non profit charity helping to rescue and rehabilitate dogs. Under our care to neuter, blood test vaccinate etc, provide veterinary care and a safe place for these dogs until they are able to be re-homed. Help combat the problem of feral cats by carrying out sterilisation programmes. To rescue as many animals as we can space and funds permitting. There is no funding from the Spanish government all monies have to be raised by us to allow us to help them. Please help us to help them.

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TANAMERA Hunting Dog Rescue

Tanamera rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Spanish hunting dogs. Without exception, they enter our shelter being only skin and bones and food is their first need. Our refuge suffers to pay the food bill for our dogs, that often need special food (liver / heart problems, recovery & puppy food). On average we need 335 euros PER MONTH to be able to give them the food they need. We need your help to ensure we can feed our dogs, not only today, but every month. Please help us feed them. Thank you!

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APROP Associació Protectora d'Animals de Pego

APROP is a not for profit Animal Protection Association based in Pego, Spain. We are a network of committed volunteers and foster carers who rescue and rehome abandoned dogs and cats. Our shelter is basic, but full of love and care, providing a safe place for our animals to stay along with food and all veterinary care until they are adopted. Help us to continue our work by donating today. Together we can make a difference. THANKS