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Rufus setter Rescue

A group that supports the work of Sasa Gabor who rescues English Setters in Croatia. The money is to help with vets fees, kennelling expenses and various other costs incurred in this very worthwhile work. The dogs when found are often in a terrible state. Sasa spends her life and money rescuing them and when possible getting them restored to health. Then she strives to get them rehomed into suitable families.

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Setters Home

Setters Home is a non-profit association made up of people who love animals, whose aim is to rescue Setters from kennels and from the street, and after providing the veterinary care they need to find adoption families where they will be loved and will have the life they deserve.

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Teodoras Angels

Teodoras Angels is a a non profit based near Cacak in Serbia. We rescue and rehabilitate street dogs and dogs rescued from kill stations and public pounds across Serbia. We also help to feed local street dogs and offer them poly house protection each winter - visiting the houses daily to feed and check the dogs and providing vet treatment and neutering. We also promote neutering local dogs. Donations are paid into the U.K. bank of Aslan’s Angels and immediately sent via PayPal to Serbia.

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Setter Rescue

Setter Rescue somos un grupo de personas, amantes de los animales, que llevamos varios años rescatando Setters y otros perros de caza de las perreras, buscando recursos, colaborando con protectoras y al fin hemos decidido organizarnos un poco mejor y unir nuestros esfuerzos para ser mas eficaces. Por eso hemos creado Setter Rescue.