Les Amis des Animaux

Les Amis des Animaux

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We are a registered charity (W653003173) established to support the well-being of domestic animals – notably dogs and cats. Our primary function is to bring abandoned dogs and cats to adoptability through fostering. Based in south-west France. We already have fosterers in more than 20 different departments. Our dogs and cats are also adopted throughout France, and farther afield. Every month our vets fees come to thousands of Euros! Please consider making a regular monthly donation.

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Support in paying vet bills.

Les Amis des Animaux (Association loi 1901 d’intérêt général).

Every month at Les Amis des Animaux vet bills amount to thousands of euros as we cover not only vaccinations, worming and general veterinary care but also specialised orthopaedic , ophthalmic, and cardiac consultations with standardised X-rays, CT scans, operations, long term management of certain conditions and also fulfill our role of protecting and cats by sterilising and spaying consistently.

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