laura ramos muñoz

laura ramos muñoz

Sevilla, Spain

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Mojissanctuary is my house and the house of all my sons, dogs, cats, horses, pigs, rabbits and a lot of more, y cant live my life if is not helping abandon animals here in Ibiza. Because i work in a shop my salary is not enough for all the bills so i decided to create this teaming to all who want to help us. We need you.

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Smiles on the Way

Smiles on the Way is a non-profit association that works organizing donation campaigns, both material and financial, aimed at other NGOs or entities that need such resources to make their work more effective. Right now focused on the refugee crisis in Lesbos.   The donations are aimed to be able to buy stuff that can't be obtained by second hand or ist too hard to get. For example underwear, shoes, food and toiletries   More information at

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Corazones Olvidados

Asociación sin ánimo de lucro para el rescate y la salvaguarda de animales domésticos y exóticos permitidos por la ley con el fin de encontrarles un hogar responsable donde vuelvan a ser queridos.