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Valencia, Spagna

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Santuario Compasión Animal

Santuario Compasión Animal es un centro de rescate para animales de granja. Ofrecemos hogar a animales que han sufrido explotación, maltrato y abandono. Les proporcionamos una vida digna, alimentación, cuidados veterinarios y todo lo que necesitan para vivir en paz. Queremos un futuro en el que los animales sean tratados con compasión y respeto, un futuro en el que no haya crueldad hacia ellos.
 Nuestra labor y nuestro propósito es salvar animales.

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Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Founded in 2008 by Sue and Rod Weeding, the non-profit Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre saves neglected and abused horses, ponies and donkeys across Spain's Costa Blanca region. Let's help this amazing centre raise the money they need to continue their work and care for the 120 equine rescues currently living at the sanctuary. Together, we can help!

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Asociación Colonias Felinas Valencia

Los GATOS URBANOS O FERALES de las Colonias de Valencia Ciudad y Pedanías necesitan TU AYUDA. Sus cuidadores voluntarios debemos esterilizar, curar, y entregar en adopción a todos los que podamos. La calle no es un buen lugar para vivir. Para ello NECESITAMOS APORTACIONES. Muchos pocos hacen un mucho, y hay que pagar materiales de rescate y servicios veterinarios. Puedes ayudar también siendo Socio Responsable de colonia, o Socio Colaborador. Conócenos en Facebook y Twitter. Ayúdales. Ayúdanos

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RAINFER: Alimenta a los Primates

Rainfer houses mora than 100 primates that have suffered mistreatment, abandonment, loneliness and lack of basic care for many years. They cannot be returned to their habitats, their lives have been stolen, so we must face the costs of their care for life and we need your help to do it. We consume 3 tons of fruit and vegetables per month with other necessary foods such as legumes or rice, represent an expense of 2,860€/ month. They depend on us completely. Can you help us feed them?

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Santuario Espíritu Libre

Santuario Espíritu Libre (Free Spirit Sanctuary) it's an antispecist refuge for animals who are consider as farm animals, being exploited, abused and abandoned, and who need a second chance to live and get over not only in physically but also in emotionally terms. We are emplaced on Soria, given the lack of a space in this area of ​​Spain for all these victims.

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Titán & Penélope

Hello! We are Titán & Penélope, two very cool and altruistic cats who love to help transparent and fair causes with our brothers, we help with the CER method to sterilize and control colonies, and we also give a lot of Paws to associations to buy food and veterinary expenses! join our support chain that is very long! Every Euro saves lives, help us to continue helping them !!! Give us a Paws please :) Prrrrleasee!

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Dignidad Animal

Dignidad Animal es una asociación nacional dedicada a la defensa de los animales. Trabajamos a través de la sensibilización, concienciación e investigación con el objetivo de promover cambios en la sociedad y en las leyes que sean favorables a los animales.

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Free Spirit Horse Refuge

Generating the necessary resources to feed a family of horses, ponies and sheep is a great daily challenge. Refugio Caballo Espíritu Libre is the home where these animals have been rescued and cared for, finding a second chance. We need you to continue this work. We call on the creation of a support group of 963 teamers, to continue keeping 15 of the 32 tummies that make up our great family full. May I not find out that that belly is hungry!

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Refugio Roedores Valencia

Hola a todos! Necesitamos vuestra ayuda para seguir ayudando a los más peques! Hace ya casi 2 años que llevamos a cabo la idea del refugio, hemos salvado más de 300 vidas y queremos salvar muchas más, hemos rescatado conejos, cobayas, chinchillas, hamsters, jerbos, ratas, gatos, periquitos, palomas... Buscamos hogar a todos ellos, y en casos de animales salvajes, los devolvemos a la naturaleza. Con 1 € puedes ayudar muchísimo! Nos ayudas?

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Help the TELEPHONE OF HOPE to continue serving

We are more than 1,600 volunteers and although our best known face is suicide intervention, our goal is to care for people in situations of emotional crisis: loneliness, depression, anxiety, life crisis, etc. Free of charge, we offer a 24-hour telephone GUIDANCE SERVICE, 365 days a year and FOLLOW-UP MONITORING with psychologists in those cases that need it. We teach WORKSHOPS about personal development for prevention and emotional education.