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Verein für hilfebedürftige Tiere e.V. – Elena Kozani

Our small association ist helping in Europe with food, medicial care, castrations and others. Our main activity is at the moment Greece.

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Verein für hilfebedürftige Tiere e.V. – Salomon's Park, Italien ♥️

Salomon's Park is located in Italy-Imperia. It is located in an oak forest where 1400 square meters have been fenced-in. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice from the laboratories live here, as well as abused, abandoned, sick and old animals. Marita Muller was born in Berlin and built this park with the help of her husband Augusto Nori. For about 15 years she has devoted herself exclusively to animal welfare and painting (nuarts.de, stage name Coma).