Judit Cano

Barcelona, Spain

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Since 19-05-2014 has contributed 54€

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Teamer since:  01/06/2020

Catus Camp

Associació protectora d'animals de la Selva del Camp

12,659€ Raised

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Teamer since:  02/08/2020

Progat Cornellá Feline Sanctuary

We have about 600 Cats in controlled colonies. The oldest cat in the colony was KITTY with 25 years of age. We currently have many cats over the age of 17 in our colonies. Every week felines in very bad condition are RESCUED, they live in the HOGAR de los Gatos. The Sanctuary's job is to regain their physical and mental state to find a new family for them. About 700 Cats depend on us, all of them receive their veterinary assistance when they need it.

36,445€ Raised

473 Teamers

Teamer since:  21/11/2020


We are an association formed by volunteers who love these little beings that one day sneaked into our lives. We help to feed and control colonies of cats in Barcelona, rescuing and giving up abandoned puppies and adult cats. We want to raise awareness about respect and responsible ownership as the only way to solve the dramatic situation of homeless cats. You can be part of this, cheer up.

4,083€ Raised

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Teamer since:  07/12/2020

Helpgats Valles

Somos una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que hemos creado con mucha ilusión, un proyecto, el de ayudar a los gatos callejeros, proyecto CES ( capturar, esterilizar y soltar ). Actualmente gestionamos 5 colonias , alrededor de 60 gatos y dos colonias descontroladas de unos 35 gatos asilvestrados. Poco a poco queremos lograr esterilizar a todos, además de rescatar gatos de la calle. Tu ayuda es importante para los gatos callejeros. Únete a nuestro grupo y juntos lograremos grandes cosas.

2,704€ Raised

153 Teamers

Teamer since:  12/01/2021

Galgos de Leon

Asociación sin ánimo de lucro,para la defensa, acogida y adopción de galgos en la provincia de León. Colabora con nosotros...con vuestra ayuda podremos salvar a estos angelitos y darles una vida más feliz.

68,935€ Raised

972 Teamers

Teamer since:  11/02/2021

El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation

Would you like to help animals for only 1€ a month? This is your chance! El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation rescues all kinds of animals from exploitation, abuse and abandonment. We are an Foundation with no subsidies, so all the 200 animals living at the sanctuary receive veterinary and food care, both physically and emotionally, thanks to micro-donations from people like you. Will you help us keep saving lives? Become our teamer.