Juanma Marcos

Alicante, Spain

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Contributes every month: €2 to 2 Groups

Since 09-03-2014 has contributed €435

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Teamer since:  25/04/2022

Protectora de Animales Baix Vinalopó

We are the ones who rescue them, who help them recover from their past, who give them the love they never received. This volunteer group is the only family of many animals, at least until they find someone who falls in love with them and gives them a definitive home. Only the monthly cost of renting and feeding all our animals already represents an expense of around € 800. We need your grain of sand to continue helping.

€37 Raised

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Teamer since:  25/04/2022


Somos un grupo de chicas que gestionamos varias colonias de gatitos callejeros.