Juanjo Martínez Chueca

Juanjo Martínez Chueca

Madrid, Spanien

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Sakura paradise sanctuary

After more than 25 years helping animals in distress, I decided to create our sanctuary in order to help many more beings people in need. For us it has already made it a mission to save as many little angels as we can and give them the best life possible. We are a small sanctuary but with great desire and great goals to help animals, so your help would be very good for us. One euro a month for you may be nothing, but for us it means saving lives. Can you help us?

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FEUMVE - Familias Unidas por un Menú Vegano Escolar

Queremos que haya opciones 100 % vegetales y sanas en todos los centros educativos de España. Las interesadas directas somos las familias veganas, pero todo el mundo puede colaborar aunque no tenga niños veganos escolarizados. Es un proyecto que beneficia a los animales y a la sociedad en general. Los fondos se destinan a pagar trámites con gestoras, abogadas, el dominio web, el hosting, etcétera.